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We develop and manage your brand from A to Z
We begin the process of “creating the identity” with relationship building. It is important to Brand Moguls to sit with our clients, learn about their company, and become attuned to the vision they see for themselves. Our team then begins to brainstorm ideas and develop objectives that will bring about the most affective branding for the client’s needs. As the project implementation begins, we establish a logo design and tagline that provides consistency and emotional appeal to the company’s new brand identity.
Branding Concept is the desired positioning of the brand in the market and in the minds of consumers. To achieve this, the following three important components are necessary:

1. Brand Promise- a clear commitment of what a company has to offer its customers 2. Brand Quality- features that describes the attributes that the customer can expect from the company 3. Brand Individuality – characteristics that allow the brand to be an experience.

The essence of the brand is established when these three elements are combined.
As an ongoing journey of a company’s self-discovery, the brand strategy conveys a promise of excellence and consequently affects the impression it will have on its target audience. The goal is to provide an understanding of products and services a customer can expect from that particular company.

Brand Moguls is dedicated to guiding our clients through these developmental steps and launching them toward branding success.

1. Visual Identity

a. Brand Identity (Logo)
b. Website
c. Printed Collaterals

2. Brand Placement

a. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
b. Micro-sites
c. Social Networking Optimization

3. Philanthropy Initiatives

a. Create a 501.c.3
b. Establish programs
c. Event management


a. Website Presence Monitor & Real-time Response (to negative comments)
b. Managed or unmanaged Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Google+, etc.


a. Press release submissions
b. News & articles
c. Ongoing SEO
d. Facebook & Twitter management
e. Website content management (images, blogs, copy, events, press, etc)
f.  Philanthropic Event Management
Case Study

Our first case study presented is Emerald Monkey:

The client came to Brand Moguls with three challenges:
1. A luxury resort to be built from the ground up
2. An eco-friendly luxury resort
3. A pre-existing look despite the fact that it was not built

Naming the resort was the first challenge, as it needed to be consistent with the client’s Balinese theme as well as memorable to potential consumers.The struggle
remained in the fact that Balinese names are difficult to remember. Brand Moguls expressed that animals and colors are more memorable when they are presented an interesting combination. The name Emerald Monkey was suggested because it embodied the theme on many levels. First, emerald is a shade of green, making it appropriate to the luxurious and eco-friendly aspects of the resort. Second, the monkeys are very prevalent in Bali. Through quantitative research, Brand Moguls gained a positive result that people could remember the name after only saying or hearing it once. Therefore, the name became a strong symbol for the beginning of the luxury brand.

The words “luxury” and “eco-friendly” are not typically associated with each other. Therefore, the second challenge was to find pure eco-status materials and brand
them into a luxury status that presented the appeal of glamorously green. The marketing collaterals included a box to carry all the selling collaterals needed, a
capacity folder, a rack brochure, a full-size brochure, floor plans, cd/dvd covers, and the Emerald Monkey legend. Brand Moguls went to great lengths to studydifferent paper, ink, and colors. Their research provided them with all paper products that were made from 100% recycled sustainable resources and printed with soy ink.

We employed a Balinese rendering team to conduct extensive research on Balinese style to ensure authenticity of the look of all floor plans, brochures, and other
printed materials. We established the feel of indoor/outdoor living, essence of the style and flavor of villas (i.e. décor, components that were used in our collaterals
that tied back into the Balinese art) and gave the spirit of the community village, Banjar. With our team, we had the capability to tie the story together and make it
presentable for the sales team to capture the luxury market. 

The Emerald Monkey project won 8 CNBC property awards consisting of 5 within the Latin American region and 3 Best in All of the America’s including “Best
America’s Development Marketing.”